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Super Texas Bull Whips - These split-hide Texas bullwhips with wooden handle are excellent for recreational use. This model is  8 feet long and will produce a loud crack when handled correctly.
The cord "cracker" can be replaced when worn out. Length is 144 inches, handmade in TX. Only $ 34.95

Roughout Saddle Bag - All leather, flap close with straps.


Measure 10 1/2" wide by 13" high w /3" gusset. Ideal for horseback, 3- or 4-wheeler. Hard to come by. Only $49.95

Gun Scabbard - Old West roughout leather rifle scabbard in natural color. Most all rifles and shotguns fit. Designed for horseback, but works great on ATV's or Jeep side mount.

Scabbard has straps for secure attachment to saddle. Measure 31" long and 6 1/2" from widest to 3" at barrel end . Hard to come by. Only $39.95

Powder Horn - This powder horn is made from real horn; no two are alike. It can be used by black powder shooters, or it looks great hanging above the fireplace with great-grandpa’s squirrel rifle. Average length 12" with a 2-1/2" diameter. Natural leather shoulder strap. Made in TX.

These powder horns, replicating Revolutionary War period pieces, are crafted in genuine cow horn, with hardwood caps and stoppers. Ideal for the re-enactor or mountain man persona. Only $23.45 Special 2 for $39.88

Small Heading
Beautiful Mounted Texas Longhorns.
Freight friendly. 5 feet long . Where else can you find fabulous longhorns? All natural horns, polished, hand fitted. These beautiful longhorns  NOT plastic, have been hand crafted and just await mounting on your den wall or on the front of your ride. OUTSTANDING. Only $149.88

56"X74" Approx 4lbs, the highest quality Falsa blanket, proudly made in America by Texan artisans. Wool cotton bland. Combination of assorted colors. Our Falsa blankets are custom made so every single blanket is unique. They are thick and perfect for keeping snug and warm on a chilly day at your ranch or you can fold it and put on your horse as a saddle blanket, or anytime the mood strikes to get out of the house and enjoy nature, spreading over the grass for a picnic at the  park and they are ideal for keeping you cozy and warm in bed at night. Yours onlys $49.95    

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