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Rare C-96 Broomhandle replica pistols.

What a find! Each one manufactured by skilled craftsmen in Europe . All moving parts. Real wood grips, non-firing. Handsome collector's item. You will love it! Only 98.50.
MP41 Sub-Machine Gun, 9mm,

Germany 1940, World War II. $247.97
M-1 Carbine Drill Rifles Caliber 30

World War II. $248.50
30 caliber M-1 Garand Rifle,

World War II, USA. $248.50
German Potato Masher Grenade
Beautiful museum quality reproduction, an ideal addition to your WWII-era display - hard to come by after all these years!
14" long including the head (the head is 4" long & 2 1/4" in diameter). Replica weight is 18.6 oz. Only 42.50.
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