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U.S.M-1 Garand Rifle Starter Kits.

No FFL Required , Receivers not available. These fine tough battle rifles were returned  from the U.S. Lend Lease Program in South America, various condition. The front office has decided to allow us to part some incomplete ones out to the shooting public who truly appreciate the finest battle rifle produced in the world.Each kit contains a U.S. issue 30-06 barrel dated in the 50s with shootable bores, a complete wood set with hand guards, less metal . Trigger guard assembly ,  and original cleaning kit w/tool.Tacked gas cylinder,bolt, original 4 M-1 garand  8 shot clips. All parts are used . At this super low price you can obtain spare parts and gather slowly the remaining parts to build a fine M-1 Garand . All kits SOLD AS IS . Only $228.50

The following parts can be purchased separately . Original cleaning kit w/tool $ 18.88. Barrel$75.00. Trigger group $49.50. Stock set $54.50.Gas cylinder $12.00, bolt $14.00,clip$19.00

Buy as a kit and save nearly $100.00 on a special offer.     

Tokarev 9mm conversion barrel. With link and pin. New. Only $79.88
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