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                             A TIMELY SALES EVENT


We have been awarded a large lot of American produced used ballistic bullet proof vests level II protection. These concealable vests are from various U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies that have upgraded their equipment just as they do with firearms and vehicles. If you carry a weapon concealed or not, you protect your weapon with a good holster to avoid damage. Should you not protect your body in the event of a fire fight protecting yourself or other citizens during an unfortunate situation that you cannot avoid. These vests are not damaged in any way with the exception that they have been worn prior by some Law Enforcement officer within a large Federal or State, or City Law Enforcement agency- for that reason they are considered “used” but have been rotated out of the agency due to updating the Manufacturer’s warranty time. Thus we must sell them as USED, AS IS with expired MFG warranty. New vests of this quality cost more than $400.00 depending upon protection level. Our vests are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. Colors will vary from off white, tan, blue and black. Women sizes by special order, only as available. These vests are not available for export, nor will we ship to the state of Connecticut. On all orders we require a signed statement that you are over 21 years and not a convicted felon along with a copy of your drivers license. All vests are sold As IS with no manufacturer’s guarantee expressed or implied.$300.00 MSRP value vest, yours only $166.85

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