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Antique German 1893 Rifle - Just recently uncovered from long-term storage, these fine rifles were manufactured in Lowe Berlin, prior to 1898. No FFL required to order these original LONG TOMS in standard 7mm caliber (7x57), still today a sought-after rifle in the proven hard hitting 7mm caliber.

All function well, bores require cleaning after the long-term storage. Ideal for the shooter or early military collector. Condition: “Antique Good.” Leather sling included. Special pricing! Only $575.88. For hand select add $ 35.00. Original bayonets only $99.50.
Muskets of the Zulu Nation - In the early 1950s, the British Colonial Police forced the Zulu community to surrender their firearms, and in return, they were issued a used British MKIII Enfield with an identification card. The firearms that were turned in were assorted muskets of large smooth bores with traditional, circa 1800 percussion locks; some were flintlocks that were converted to percussion.

All show hard usage; many may have visited Rorke’s Drift with the “24th afoot.” All are antiques and they show various repairs. Many have iron furniture, and some are brass! Antique, unrestored vintage condition strictly AS-IS and are not returnable, due to vast age and time consumed in packing each musket for careful shipment and insurance. Priced at $389.00.

1893  Styer Mannlicher Short Rifle

in  6,5X53 cal. Long sought-after as gentlemen sporters. No FFF required . Only $299.88. Hand select add $25.00. Sling $9.95


MARTINI HENRY .22 cal rifle. Very rare , beautiful condition , only $425.88   SOLD OUT

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