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Hunters Lodge Corporation
PO Box 203
Ethridge, TN 38456-0203

Tel # (931) 766-0755

Welcome to The Hunters Lodge located in beautiful Lawrence County, TN.  We've been providing historical firearms and military accouterments to our customers for 60 years. We hope you'll check out our many offerings!

Ordering & Shipping Information: Please remit via check or money order.  Please add sufficient shipping funds to all orders. There is no minimum order.  All orders are shipped as quickly as possible without delays.  

Return Policy: Returns require a customer service RA number prior to return.  Return shipping at customer's expense.  No shipping charges refunded.  All prices subject to change. 20% restock/handling fees on returns. Inspection period: 3 days. 

Payment Information: Check or money order only. No credit/debit cards accepted. 

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 Go to and take a look at the article "Offhand rifle Shooting:" A Lost Art" and you will see r Trapdoor Springfield  and   M96 Mauser in the next photo. Let us know how you like this and the article about  M96 Mauser "A Jewel of a Rifle" in the same magazine.
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  Go to you will find the article on  M96 Swedish Mauser titled "A Jewel Among Rifles."  There is a plug for Hunters Lodge and a fine defense of the pre-1898 Mausers in 7.62 NATO and other calibers. 
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