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C-96 Broomhandle Replica Pistol
MP41 Sub-Machine Gun
M-1 Carbine Drill Rifles
M-1 Garand Rifle
German Potato Masher Grenade

Antique German 1893 Rifle
Muskets of the Zulu Nation

Super Texas Bull Whips
Western Quick Draw Holster
Roughout Saddle Bags
Gun Scabbard
Powder Horn

Civil War Style Canteens
Brass Civil War Style Belt Buckles

Military Bayonets (Assorted)
M1 Carbine Bayonets

M-7 Type 45 Shoulder Holster
British Enfield Web Slings
German WWI 3 Pocket Ammo Pouch
Soviet Era Russian Single Ammo Pouch
Swedish Leather Rifle Sling

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Helmets from Around the World











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